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What is the issue
at hand?


The American public recognizes that the current federal income tax system is so complex and so riddled with special deals for special interests that it is inherently unfair and inherently inefficient. Our tax system is broken. We need reform. Congress must sunset the code and start over with something simpler and fairer!

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In The News

Five Reasons to Impeach IRS Chief John Koskinen

Taxpayers deserve a transparent and accountable government. IRS Commissioner John Koskinen has shown active neglect to his duties with respect to uncovering the truth in the Lois Lerner conservative targeting scandal. The agency has continually displayed extraordinary...

The IRS Is Up to No Good

If there is one federal agency that has clearly run amok during the Obama administration, it’s the United States Internal Revenue Service. From the harassment of tea party groups applying for nonprofit status to the defiance of congressional subpoenas,...

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